Do’s & Don’ts of Curbside Recycling with Rex-Cycle in Strathmore

Here are some basics about what you can recycle with Rex-Cycle curbside recycling and how to prepare your recyclables in your cart.

  • Place all recyclables loose in your cart
  • No sorting required
  • Rinse out cans and plastic containers
  • Remove lids and caps
  • Place metal food can lids inside the can or leave attached
  • Remove plastic wrapping from magazines and catalogues
  • Do not place material in bags with 2 exceptions:
    • Place all plastic bags within one plastic bag
    • Shredded paper should be in a clear plastic bag
  • Basic rule, if soft plastic stretches (like a grocery bag), it’s recyclable. If it crinkles (like a cereal box liner) it is not recyclable

Glass bottles or containers cannot go into your cart. Please take glass to our Recycle Yard in Strathmore.

What You Can & Can’t Recycle Curbside

We’d like to provide some guidelines about the recyclables that can go into to your cart for curbside pickup and which ones you need to drop off at the Huxted Waste Disposal Recycling Yard in Strathmore. For more details, see our full list of recyclable materials and recycling information.

If you have any questions not answered here, please call Rex-Cycle, a division of Huxted Waste Disposal, at 403-934-5605.

Can Be Recycled

  • Paper & telephone books
  • Cardboard boxes & tubes
  • Metal food cans & foil
  • Plastic jugs, bottles & food containers
  • Beverage cartons, containers & cans

Cannot Be Recycled

  • Hazardous materials like paint or aerosol cans
  • Toothpaste tubes, foil from containers & other mixed packaging
  • Glass, housewares or clothing
  • Contaminated or dirty containers & materials
  • Garbage or bagged materials
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Electronics of any kind
  • Scrap metal, building materials or yard waste
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